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Editing within the Tab «Buttons»

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Editing within the page «Buttons»:

First, click on the name of Project you’d like to change properties, you’ll see string like: «List of parameters: Achievements management -> Office» and you’ll enter project options editor (Project Office in this case).

All the activities within any project can be divided into not more than 4 major groups, and any group can consist of maximum 6 different activities - one can argue with that, but from other side, you always can have some activities as separate projects consisting of 4 groups by 6 sub-activities each.

Double click on a table with the list of parameters or click on the "Edit" button below the table to start editing project options.

Table fields opened for editing. On the page Buttons you can change 3 columns - Buttons / Groups names , Time limit, minutes and Value

After you filled in all the necessary fields you can switch to page Buttons options to adjust buttons options - shape and color, color of text inside buttons as well as number of priorities in your activity (1 to 6). Also you can go to another option pages to adjust Self Assessment options

Main Edit Options Events LifeLog Statistics

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