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"Events" page

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Here you can put into the database all major events of your life. It can help you to see hidden rhythm of your life

"Event" means any change in your inner or outer world, birth and death, nature disasters and personal achievements, travels, sport achievements, ups and downs of career and many more. Any significant change in your life is Event

Event always means very specific change, which take place instantly or fast enough to indicate its more or less exact date. If this is a long term event, then Event will mean beginning, culmination or completion of this event.

You can put events in any order (they will be sorted by date later on). What is important – Events names have to be short enough, but clear to you. Better to have not less than 15 events, but the more the better.

Clear description, comments are important, but then you’ll need to make some estimates, i.e. estimation in terms of positive/negative (from –5 to +5), area of event (family, nature, career etc.) and color which associates in your mind with the event.

Having all the events in the database you’ll be able to see your previous life as the "life waves" and it will help you to be more effective in a future.

Main Edit Options Events LifeLog Statistics

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