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The whole idea of this appoach is based on chess clocks approach. You start any activity - the same time you stop previous one.

Main page contains activity buttons. They are combined into groups (not more than 6 buttons per one group) with certain group name.

Pressing the button means start of certain activity. For any active button you can choose priority, result or type any comment (simply start typing – text will appear in the Comment window).

To break tracking the button Pause can be used, to stop tracking click on Stop button and/or Exit tab.

First you have to choose the project, from the projects list. It should be preliminary tuned up using Edit Options.. page.

Also you can track your feelings, weather etc. - just click on Self Assessment button.

Anytime you can switch to Edit Options, LifeLog, Statistics pages and page to track major life Events.

If you need more detailed help – go to FAQ/Help tab!


Here you can add new, edit and delete existing project names within the Time management, Achievements management and Mind management sections.

If you click onto certain project name, you'll get into the editor of this project, so its options can be edited: names of button groups, descriptions of activities (for each button on Main page), desired activity time limits, as well as the cost per minute (for Time management projects), or value per unit (for Achievements management projects), associated with the activity or parameter.

Buttons and text appearance is set up at Button options tab.

Button options

At the Button options tab you may choose the number of priorities, colors of active and inactive buttons, text colors for each type of buttons, or you can choose to use button's design based on pics of different shape and color.

Other tabs are for Self Assessment fine tuning.


This page is used to register important life events (with the most serious impact on your life) – date, description, estimated rank from extremely negative – (-5) to extremely positive (5), major event area and a color, associated with the event.

It will be raw material to go through to understand your life wave structure and what is really important for you.

History (LifeLog)

Here we put most of the data for those who like to analyse everything on their own – activities, projects, priorities, numerical values, timing etc., accumulated since the date you registered. You can sort data, apply any filter, export data into Excel or send Excel file with all the data to your email address.


When you choose project name, activity or a group of activities, criteria, format and time period you will get a Graph, which can probably tell you a lot…

Sure, if you'd like, we can prepare complete report for you.
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