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You can see 3 sections from the left (Time management, Achievements management, Mind management), you can create projects in each of them. Project options editor area is on the right side of page.

You can enter any number of project in each section. If necessary you can change name of any project anytime.

Creating a New Project:

To add a project click the button "Add Project" inside proper section on the left page side.

Type name of the project and then click on Diskette icon or press "Enter" on a keyboard. Now new project is added, but it is empty yet. Click on project name and enter project options page.

Change of Existing Project Name:

Click on "pen" icon to open project name editor. Change its name and click on Diskette icon or press "Enter" on a keyboard.

Project deleting:

Click on Delete icon next to Project name.

Editing Project Options:

You can edit Buttons and Groups names (names of activities and groups of activities), parameters of activities inside of each projects (time limit and value per minute or per unit), buttons shape and color at the Main page, as well as Self Assessment options

Main page:

When all the options are adjusted click on MyLife0log logo or link to Main page and check if work page is OK, play with it (if you are first time there or start using of all the features of the

Main Edit Options Events LifeLog Statistics

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