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Main page - how to use it

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Main page:

OK, now you are at the Main page. Button Pause is on to give you some time to look around and think about what you are going to do next.

Navigating between Projects:

To switch to another Project simply choose one from the list in upper left part of the Main page (above button STOP). You’ll immediately see a new field with the buttons fine tuned for new project. If anything has to be changed (shape or color of Buttons, text color, Button names) – go to Edit Options page, otherwise start working with the Project.

Use of Buttons:

In the Time management related projects click on a Button with the name of activity you are going to start. Button will change it’s color and you’ll see a list of Priorities and small Result buttons (positive –(+), negative – (-) or neutral (+/-)) right on the big Button.

Until another button is clicked on, the system assume that you continue with the previous activity (name is shown on an active Button). While the Button is active, you can change Priority, Result, Numerical value and Comments (type your comments and it will appear in Comments field automatically).

If no Priority, Result, Numerical value or Comment chosen, empty field will appear in your LifeLog.

When you going to change your activity press another button with the name of new activity or click on any Tab to go to another part of the site.

In the Achievements management related projects it works very similar with several differences – there is Numerical value field to track Quantities or Numbers, and there are no Priority buttons or Result buttons on an Activity button. Also you’ll see time and date of previous record as well as Numerical value from the last record (this is useful for tracking your previous actions and results). If you start typing, record will automatically appear in Numerical value field, but only numbers. To input Comments you have to click on Comments field and then start typing.

How to stop tracking?

To temporary stop time tracking or exit from the site please click on STOP button and/or Exit tab on the top.

Main Edit Options Events LifeLog Statistics

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